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10pcs Set Of Anti-theft RFID Card Protector for Bank Cards

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Item specifics

Name:Anti-demagnetizing card sleeve

Model Number: RF-Shielded

Function: Anti-demagnetization


Product features

RFID Security card can help users prevents strangers reading your IC banking card, ID card and transit card and RFID smart cards, the complete elimination of payment card wallet of NFC applications, such as bank cards, bus cards were fraudulent, risks such as leakage of personal information.

Card sets with conductor layers in the body, so when you put the card into the holding Chamber, outer conductor can isolate the bank card to make NFC devices even closer to contactless RFID cards, card in protective sleeve, you can't get the card information, effectively guarantee the information security.


Each can hold one card.



Model Number:

Color: Black
Product List: 10 pcs Credit Card
Size: 58*88mm/2.28*2.54inch